Cinéma Vérité - Accueil

Not for profit organization

Cinéma Vérité and Evian/éQuinoxe collaborate in 2009 to present the laureats of the Evian’s éQuinoxe Workshops in Geneva and to offer a master class to swiss script-writers and filmmakersas a meeting and exchange platform.

This master class targets a wide audience including young people who wish to be introduced to script-writing as well as professional writers, and anybody interested in authors and their careers.

A presentation will be made for one to two hours followed by a question and answer session.
This will create true interaction and a rich and open exchange.Themes will be addressed one after the other, including the creation in a movie’s production process, the script writing “rules”, the opportunities of co-writing and/or of production, and the personal experiences which are always emotionally rich and riddled with anecdotes.